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About Squared 5 srl
Squared 5 srl is an Italian unipersonal, limited liability company.
It has been founded in 2007 by Stefano Cinque, who is the company holder, the CEO and the developer.

The company plans to deliver innovative software and inexpensive quality Internet services. Some products will be offered free of charge: among them, the popular software MPEG Streamclip.

Stefano Cinque was born in 1969 and lives in Rome, Italy. He holds the degree of Master in Electronics Engineering at Rome's 1st University, and he qualified as a Professional Engineer in Information Science.

Stefano devoted himself to studying computer science, but also electronics and telecommunications, all the time. In 1979 he built his first electronic circuit; in 1982 he wrote his first software, and in 1987 he built a simple video capture card, developing both hardware and software. In 1994 he became interested in telecommunications, by designing reception systems.

In the last 27 years Stefano developed software in almost all the fields of computer science, using the most important languages and operating systems. He created many original software projects, and he even contributed to some existing open source projects.

In 2003 Stefano decided to start the "Squared 5" project by writing the video capture card driver DC30 Xact Driver and, a year later, the video converter MPEG Streamclip. The rest is recent history.

Well, now you know who I am. But what you still don't know, is where my company is going to bring you now. For sure it will bring you to the future. Stay tuned and you'll see it.
Company Details & Address

Squared 5 srl

Address: Via Tiberio Imperatore 15, I-00145 ROME, ITALY
Company Type: Italian unipersonal, limited liability company
Tax Code & VAT Number: IT-09596821000
Registered at R.I. of Rome, Italy with number 09596821000
Capital: € 10 000 fully paid-up

CEO: ing. Stefano Cinque
Holder: ing. Stefano Cinque
Representative: ing. Stefano Cinque
Development: ing. Stefano Cinque
Support: ing. Stefano Cinque
Contact: ing. Stefano Cinque

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