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DC30 Xact Driver for Mac G4 (driver for the DC30 video card)
DC30 Xact Driver is a driver for the popular old video capture card DC30/DC30plus, with real time support for Final Cut Pro. Compatible with the Power Mac G4 and G3 B&W only. FOR MAC OS X ONLY. 

DC30 Xact Driver is a software driver for miroMOTION DC30 and DC30plus video capture cards. It works in Mac OS X 10.2 (Jaguar), 10.3 (Panther) or 10.4 (Tiger) or 10.5 (Leopard) and with the Power Mac G4, enabling video input and video output. It enables audio input and output as well, with Mac OS X native support.
Please note: the DC30/DC30plus does not fit in the PCI/PCI-X/PCI Express slots of the Power Mac G5 and not even in the Mac Pro. More details below in this page.
Free download, Mac OS X version
Download DC30 Xact Driver 1.6.3 for Mac OS X
Released 14/11/2007 - Size 503k

This software requires a video capture card DC30/DC30plus, and a Power Mac G4.

Do not install this software if you got here by mistake while looking for MPEG Streamclip.

This version is not fully compatible with Final Cut Pro 5. Another update is still planned.
However there are no plans to release an Intel version.
If you need the DC30 Lossless codec, you can install this driver in your Intel Mac and use the Lossles codec in MPEG Streamclip running with Rosetta.

Version changes (click to show)
  • compatible with Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard
The DC30/DC30plus is now a real-time card, with scaled and windowed HD support, using the powerful RT Extreme Booster, the unique feature that, for the first time ever, extends the real-time power of Final Cut Pro HD to MJPEG and other formats, and works also in your PowerBook for offline editing. And the DC30/DC30plus, now can deliver professional, uncompressed video; with the included LOSSLESS 4:2:2 codec, it can be stored efficiently, saving 50% of your disk space. This driver also enables high-quality FireWire capture of MJPEG and LOSSLESS movies, even in a PowerBook or where the DC30/DC30plus is not installed. These movies can be used later with the DC30/DC30plus, together with DV, DVCPRO50, DVCPRO HD movies.

This software requires a Power Macintosh G4 with Mac OS X 10.2 (Jaguar) or 10.3 (Panther) or 10.4 (Tiger) or 10.5 (Leopard), and works with miroMOTION DC30 and DC30plus, enabling PAL/NTSC/SECAM video input and PAL/NTSC video output. It enables audio input and output as well, with Core Audio (Mac OS X native) support. Audio is locked, so it is always synchronized with video, even in very long movies.

This driver is very stable, and works well even with slower Power Macintosh G4 computers, giving high-quality MJPEG-A and professional uncompressed digital video editing with Apple Final Cut Pro 3, 4, 4.5, and Adobe Premiere 6.5. RT Extreme feature of Final Cut Pro HD is supported and improved.

With the Multicodec feature, this driver greatly extends DC30 series capabilities in faster G4 computers, with video output support for almost every movie compression supported by QuickTime, within QuickTime Player, Final Cut Pro, Premiere, Free DV, ProTools, Logic, iMovie... and Finder columns!

You can capture video with Apple Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere, and video capture applications like myVCR (www.dplusplus.com) which is in development, and BTV (www.bensoftware.com) which is shareware.

This driver supports video output from the free VLC Media Player (www.videolan.org/vlc), allowing DVD media content to appear on your PAL/NTSC monitor! This feature works in every G4 computer equipped with a DVD-ROM unit, and with a DC30/DC30plus connected to a 4:3 or 16:9 TV monitor, but the full DVD frame rate and quality can be reached only with two fast G4 processors.

The driver also supports video output from iTunes Visualizer: you can watch your music on your TV. Some video output support for DVD Studio Pro has been added, too.

This driver is compatible with most of existing DC30 and DC30plus capture cards. However, a few DC30/DC30plus cards may not work with this driver, especially when installed in particular computer configurations (see below for more info). If you have one, please contact me.

This driver comes for free, and there is no guarantee of support. However, if you report your issues (as well as your positive or negative comments), this will be appreciated and it is likely that future updates will solve them.
This driver was originally written to support a miroVIDEO (PC) version of DC30plus card in Mac OS X; then it was extended to miroMOTION (Mac) versions of DC30/DC30plus. So this driver is now compatible with the miroMOTION DC30plus, the miroMOTION DC30, the miroVIDEO DC30plus and most of the miroVIDEO DC30 cards. However, the first revision of miroVIDEO DC30 card for PC, is not fully supported: the current release adds video capture but not video output. The DC20 and DC10 do not work with this driver, and future releases will not add support for these cards.

There is a slight hardware compatibility issue with the DC30/DC30plus and some early G4 computers, e.g. the G4 PCI Graphics and the G4 AGP Sawtooth. The cause of this issue is most likely in the chip "Intel 21154"; random system freezes may happen when the DC30/DC30plus is on and the computer is sending data to a fast USB device or a PCI graphic card. A workaround for the miroVIDEO card has been included in the current release; a workaround for the miroMOTION card is yet to be found (but you can now temporarily switch the card off). The Intel chip is not present in newer Macs with 4 PCI slots + 1 AGP so this issue does not affect these G4 computers.

The DC30/DC30plus does not fit in any of the new PCI and PCI-X and PCI Express connectors of the Power Macintosh G5 1.6, 1.8, Dual 1.8, Dual 2.0, Dual 2.3, Dual 2.5, Dual 2.7, Quad 2.5 GHz, and any Mac Pro. And since the current PowerMac G5 and Mac Pro series does not even support PCI or PCI-X cards, any driver development effort for the Power Mac G5 and the Mac Pro has been abandoned. Therefore, DC30 XACT DRIVER DOES NOT WORK WITH THE POWERMAC G5 OR THE MAC PRO.
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